DESIGNER(S): Zian Dinh, Galyn Bunnell


If you appreciate the 'Traveteer’ proposal, you can make a virtual vote by sharing a link to this page on your preferred social media platform. We are tracking each project proposal page on the back end and will give a special 'Popular Vote Grant' for $500 to the project that has been shared the most by September 16th.


ESTIMATED COST: The grant will cover our initial launch costs including licensing, user research and testing, app design, and development. As a social impact venture, we are intending to have development donated. However, there are many costs associated with that such as web hosting and prototyping tools. We will also need to seek legal counsel and have a business plan developed. The grant will help in compensation for these needs.

TIMELINE: Traveteer will launch within 9 months. However, the project will be ongoing

DREAM MENTOR: A dream mentor would be someone who understands how technology can serve the world in a meaningful way.

Traveteer is a social platform (web interface and downloadable app) that will change the culture of voluntourism by making it convenient to be a traveling volunteer. Born of a love for connecting with authentic culture and a passion for philanthropic pursuits, Traveteer will allow people that are interested in incorporating short-term volunteer opportunities with social impact organizations.


In 2014 there were 1.333 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide. Travelers from the U.S. increased by 7% from last year and the trend suggests that this number will keep rising. With the increasing income gap in the world, it is more important than ever for individuals to be able to connect with and give back to social impact organizations worldwide. Traveteer will make that connection possible, enticing, and meaningful.

Traveteer will provide a space for people from all demographics and skill sets to find new volunteer opportunities and to share about their past experiences. Using a mutual rating and review system, volunteers and social impact organizations will be able to get a firm idea of what they are working on and who they are working with ahead of time. This means that organizations will be able to get their specific needs met and volunteers can spend meaningful and engaged time in the culture that they are visiting.

A major problem plaguing the world of voluntourism is the frequent mismatch of needs and the volunteers that show up to fill those needs. Often times volunteers become a burden to organizations that don’t have the bandwidth to train volunteers. Organizations will be able to post specific roles that they need filled and Traveteer will allow organizations and individuals to find the right volunteer and the right volunteer experience through the use of filters, reviews, and profiles.


Traveteer will bridge the gap between social impact organizations in need of human-power and individuals that want to contribute in a meaningful way. Whether you are planning on taking the trek to Machu Picchu or spending a few relaxing days on the beach in the Caribbean, there are myriad ways to contribute to the communities in which you are spending your time. Traveteer will make it convenient to find opportunities for deep, authentic human connection between individuals around the world through voluntourism.

Images from top are:
Landing page experience - prior to signing up
Homepage after user is signed in
Personal bio page
Visual representation of iPad experience

(Included screens are initial concepts and still in visual and UX development. Photography used within the screens are for concept only and we did not produce the photography.)