DESIGNER(S): Karly Siroky and Laura Lowery


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ESTIMATED COST: Just a portion, but every bit helps!

TIMELINE: In progress

DREAM MENTOR: Someone who can help us develop a self-sustaining business and marketing strategy, and help us aspire to greater heights in design, photography and prose.

Lucia is an independent, ad-free women's magazine. Our mission is to inspire and enlighten the world by giving voice to the heart and celebrating true beauty. Authentic, heartfelt, and curated to spark creativity, Lucia's pages offer fresh perspective and beautiful photography from artists, travelers, thinkers and writers who are meeting life with thoughtfulness and light.


So often we feel inundated with imagery and content that compete to capture our attention in order to sell us stuff. Most women’s periodicals today are filled with unrealistic advertisements telling us we are not enough. Meanwhile, we yearn to feel connected to what is real, what is true. Maybe you feel it too? Lucia is different. You won’t find advertising or airbrushed models anywhere in our pages. Instead you will find incredible personal writing and essays, beauty, magnificence and truth – loads of it. Lucia is beautifully designed. Full color, 108 pages, filled with heartfelt essays, photography and art from inspiring contributors. Gorgeous typefaces combined with handwritten script in beautiful, rich inks on thicker, softer, responsibly-milled paper makes reading and turning each page feel so good. Lucia is authentic, heartfelt, and curated to spark creativity. This is a magazine unlike any the world has seen before.


Our Kickstarter campaign, which finished June 12, raised a third of its $60K fundraising goal. However, because we did not reach our goal, we did not receive any of the donations. However, several vendors are highly interested in stocking our magazine, as long as we can find the funds to keep producing it. All we need is a little help rekindling and reworking our business and marketing strategy, and we are confident that we can make this magazine viable and sustainable.