Compost Sealer with Compostable Insert (branded for OXO)

DESIGNER(S): Veronica Dixon
Nicolette McConnell
Henry Galvin


If you support this proposal, you can make a virtual vote by sharing a link to this page on your social media. We are tracking each project proposal page on the back end and will give a special 'Popular Vote Grant' for $500 to the project that has been shared the most by September 17th.


ESTIMATED COST: To try and create a 'finished' product for this project would most likely cost more than the actual grant allocation. However, there could be a few different options. 1: Use the grant to help create a bare bones proof-of-concept prototype = $5,000 to $7,000 2: Use the funds(and SDF connections) to create contacts within existing potentially interested companies, with the intention of pitching the idea to an entity(maybe more than one) that already has the infrastructure to engineer and manufacture the product. The funds would also offset travel costs. = $3,000

TIMELINE: 1 to 2 years


During the research phase of this project we found that although most people have a high regard for composting, very few actually participate in the process. When asked why, we encountered the same pain points; smells bad, looks gross, attracts flies, too messy, etc.

The process for getting organic waste from the kitchen to the city container on the street is largely undefined and cumbersome, especially for dense urban populations. Some die hard composters are even storing food waste in the fridge or freezer to ward-off odor and bug problems.

We hope to directly address these problems with our design solution. Making the composting process more convenient and seamlessly integrated with a user's lifestyle. Our goal is to empower people with the tools they need, so that they can participate in a cause that they already believe in. We want to make composting accessible.